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Wondering how to hit the breakthrough you've been looking for in your business and life? Breakthrough Success has you covered with one interview every Wednedsay where Marc discovers what makes influencers tick. Heavy hitters like Seth Godin, Ray Edwards, Bob Burg, John Lee Dumas, Mike Michalowicz, Neil Patel, Kim Garst, and many others have shared their experiences with achieving Breakthrough Success and accumulating remarkable growth. Breakthrough Success is for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners who want to build their own business empires and enjoy the merits of life beyond work as well.
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Sep 28, 2016

Today Marc is joined by Tom Morkes, the CEO of Insurgent Publishing. Tom started exclusively providing free content for his audience and used that relationship to successfully launch his products and the products of others. Tom has helped launch products such as Hustle by Neil Patel and Patrick Vlaskovits, The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris, and a whole lot more.

Marc and Tom sit down to hear Tom’s journey, driven by the idea that he wanted to do creative work and not be dependent on anyone. Traveling freely with a full-time income from digital products struck a cord with Tom.

Starting with a simple eBook, Tom made sure he created something of value, and through referral, grew his business exponentially. We are lucky to have Tom share some of his best insights and motivations with us. Listen in to figure out how to crush it with your next launch.


Key Links from the Show: - Personal Site - Free courses - Tom’s company



- To weigh the upsides vs. the downsides of a venture

- to develop a skill set to make your company peerless

- Tom’s advice from breaking through

- 3 tips for product creation and launches

- Why recruiting affiliates is so important

- To always validate/beta test a product


Sep 21, 2016

On today’s episode, Marc is joined by Patrick McGinnis, venture capitalist and private equity investor. He is the author of “The 10% Entrepreneur” which is based on his ability to generate an income from a typical job and his entrepreneurial business at the same time.

Patrick joins Marc to discuss how he’s built a diverse portfolio of investments outside of his day job, and takes the time really go in deep about how and why he got there. Listen in to hear why the 2008 financial crisis was a bit of wake up call for Patrick, and in doing so, how he found pathways to more interesting and fun ventures. We’re fortunate to learn from Patrick’s experience, from his first steps all the way to his current investments. Find out why the “elevator pitch” is so important, and how to market a product that doesn’t even exist yet. 

We even hear a story of a journey across South America that lead Patrick to his favorite inspirational quote. Tune in to find out how you too can be a 10% Entrepreneur.



- The Elevator Pitch

- How to market a product that doesn’t exist

- Patrick’s 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs

- Why building a team is so important

- To use your 10% to do many different things

- Recommendations for creating a great pitch

- Patrick’s advice for breaking through


Key Links from the Show: - Patrick’s Personal Site - Patrick’s Twitter - Patrick’s Facebook 


Sep 14, 2016

Today, we are joined today by Gina Horkey, a freelancer who has broken away from the constraints of a typical day job to work for herself very successfully. Gina joins Marc to talk about the journey from a career in personal finance to going solo, all while raising her two kids at the same time.

Gina and Marc discuss all manner of topics relating to her journey. Listen in to find out how Gina started out her freelance writing at 5 cents per word and has scaled it up to 50 cents per word, and thousands a month in revenue. We discover Gina’s determination to succeed, and her motivation to provide for her family. 

In this episode, Gina discussed how to find and pitch to clients and how she hires and pays her own employees, Gina shares such valuable information for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, who are trying to find their own breakthrough. Tune in to get the low down on all things freelance.


Key Links from the Show: - Gina’s Website and Blog -  Useful web tool for email subscribers -Gina’s Twitter



- Hire help before you are ready

- How to use your niche to your advantage

- Spend 90% of your time finding clients

- Gina’s advice for entrepreneurs

- Gina’s 3 tips for freelancers

Sep 7, 2016

Today on Breakthrough Success, we are joined by Steve Scott, a highly successful Amazon Kindle Author. Steve generates six figures a year through his Kindle business. Having published over 60 books, and having a diverse publishing platform including audio books and podcasts, Steve has taken a little time out of his busy life to chat with Marc and share some great info.

Tune in to hear Steve and Marc discuss the world of Kindle Publishing, how Steve got started, and what it is that drives him to succeed. 

We’re lucky to gather such useful pieces of advice, covering everything from motivation, all the way to the most critical part of building an online empire. Steve divulges his top tips for successful publishing along with great general advice for any budding entrepreneur.

Listen in to find out why your “80/20” approach is so significant, and why fear is still a driving force for Steve. 



- How to take daily action for your own benefit

- Why it is important to always stay hungry for more success

- Why it’s important to constantly reinvent yourself

- That failing 9/10 times is ok

- To make yourself fully accountable

- Why building email lists are so key to business

- Steve’s 3 key tips for writers


Key Links from the Show: - Steve’s Personal Site - Steve’s Amazon Page - Kindle Direct Publishing - Steve’s site for good habits! - Steve’s Podcast/Blog on publishing

Sep 1, 2016

Our host Marc is joined by Jeet Banerjee, to talk about his very hands on approach in business. Jeet, originally a teenage entrepreneur, founder of Statfuse and JB Media Force, takes time to go through his ideas in the business world and his success to date.

Listen in to hear Jeet tell us about progressing from a teenager working for pocket money in a situation where he had no creative freedom or control, to finding a gap in the web design market and building his first company, before selling. Jeet talks about his hands-on approach to work, and why his motto of “Launch fast and fail fast” is so important to his success. Marc asks the questions you want the answers to, and covers everything from motivation to validation, with advice for all. Join us to find out what Jeet means by “Nail it, and then scale it”, and as always, hear our guest’s favorite inspirational quote. 



- How being an entrepreneur can give you control and creative freedom

- Why setting bigger goals is important

- Why hiring a quality team with the same vision is key to progress

- How to be motivated by small successes

- Why “You only need to get it right once”

- Jeet’s advice for trying to breakthrough

- Jeet’s 3 key tips for growing a business


Key Links from the Show: - Jeet’s Business - Jeet’s Personal Site