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Breakthrough Success is the podcast for entrepreneurs who are looking for digital marketing strategies, personal development, and actionable tactics to grow their businesses. We cover the different ways to gain visibility and make money through your work...including podcasting, content marketing, blogging, productivity, self-publishing, coaching, virtual summits, affiliate marketing, and more. Learn how to transform your business into the successful enterprise you know it can be. Guests include Seth Godin, Bob Burg, John Lee Dumas, Mike Michalowicz, Neil Patel, Rory Vaden, James Clear, Perry Marshall, and many others. Each day gets you closer to your Breakthrough Success. Hosted by Marc Guberti, founder of the Content Marketing Plaza
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Feb 22, 2017


In this episode, I interview Mary Fernandez to discuss what makes a brilliant content marketing strategy, and more importantly, how you actually implement the strategy. Mary is a blogger, visibility strategist, the content marketing manager of Opt-In Monster, and host of the Persuasion Nation Series Podcast.

Her blogging journey began as a teacher who wrote blog posts about ballet. The idea behind these blog posts was that her ballet students could visit her blog to learn beyond the formal lessons. This beginning gradually evolved into a love for content marketing. 

Mary explains that guest blogging was a huge boost to her email list, and that her guest blogging efforts garnered many more subscribers over a much smaller period than before. In this episode, she talks about how she got these opportunities and how you can get more guest blogging opportunities.

The most important element of a content marketing strategy is to write for the needs and wants of your audience. To fulfill this requirement of content marketing, you must do some prior research to discover what your audience wants.

70% of people who leave your site will never come back again. This is why Mary uses an Exit-Intent Pop-Up to get more subscribers.

If you want a content marketing strategy that grows your audience and generates more revenue, this podcast episode is a must-listen.



-How to get more of your visitors to subscribe to your blog

-How to develop an effective content marketing strategy

-How to implement your content marketing strategy once you make it

-What Mary does to increase Opt-In Monster’s visibility


Key Links from the Show: - The Edit Flow WordPress plugin - Mary’s blog and podcast

Feb 20, 2017

Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek, has several podcasts including the Best Passive Income Model podcast which I was recently a guest on. Now the tables have turned and he was the latest guest on my Breakthrough Success podcast.

In this episode, we talked about how Mark operates several podcasts and uses them to build a passive income. Mark uses his podcast to generate income in the same way I use social media to generate income—via the indirect route.

The podcast is designed to gain people’s trust and funnel the warm prospects through the process of buying his products. 

Mark just started his podcast for fun, but he was keen to see his numbers grow. He felt that when they didn’t grow, he was at a bit of a low point. After reflection, he decided that even helping just ONE person was enough to feel worthwhile. Now his numbers have soared.



--How Mark recommends getting guests…even if you haven’t launched your podcast yet 

--How to make revenue from your podcast

--How to repurpose your podcast episodes

--The biggest mistake you can make with a podcast



Key Links from the show: - Mark’s Mentioned site - Mentioned person on the show - Mentioned social media organiser.

Feb 15, 2017

Wondering how you can live your ideal life? In this podcast episode, you’ll learn exactly how!

Our guest for this episode is Jim Palmer, the bestselling author of several books including Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger and he’s the founder of the Dream Business Academy. Jim sent me a copy of his book and I was quickly blown away by it’s value and Jim’s story. 

When Jim started his business, it took an entire year before he got his first client. During this phase, he nearly burnt the candle from both ends by taking a job at Target where he showed up at 4 am to stack shelves.

Even when he felt like his business was successful, he got a wake-up call from his wife when she asked when they’d go on vacation. When she asked, it had been five years since the last vacation, and even though Jim was crushing it, he felt like his business wouldn’t function without him.

Decide is the wake-up call that you need for your business. It’s more than a mindset book. It’s the book that finally gets you up and taking action on your dreams. Jim’s goal is to allow people to live the life of their dreams rather than to just work for the sake of making a living.



—How to develop the abundance mindset

—The best way to learn

—How to accomplish what you set out to do

—How people view value

—How to personalize a situation so you get yourself out of your comfort zone

—How to take action even if you don’t feel like it


Key Links from the Show: - Jim’s website

Decide to get Decide today!

Feb 13, 2017

Jasmine Star is an Instagram expert, public speaker, and business strategist. She goes wherever her camera takes her and uses Instagram to tell stories of her life. The visual storyteller turned her curiosity into creativity, and this creativity budded into a passion. 

She gave up law at UCLA to marry sooner so her mother (suffering from cancer at the time) would live to be there for her wedding. In this episode, Jasmine talks about that surreal experience and how she got through some hard times that she encountered soon after. The bright part about the story is that her mother recovered, and now Jasmine is following her dreams, one photo at a time.



—The 3:1 ratio that forms the core of Jasmine’s Instagram strategy

—How to get your Instagram followers to trust you

—How to never run out of Instagram ideas


Links From The Show: - Jasmine’s Site - Jasmine’s Instagram course - Jasmine’s email

Feb 8, 2017

Chandler Bolt is the CEO of Self-Publishing School and 5-time bestselling author. He believes that there’s a book inside of everyone, and Chandler teaches you how to find that book within so you can start writing. 

In this episode, Chandler reveals how you can identify your first book topic and turn it into a bestseller. He goes over keyword optimization, content creation, and the other parts of writing an epic book that sells. 

Chandler has been teaching authors how to write bestselling books for several years. He’s taught people like Lise Cartwright who I interviewed on Episode 10 of the podcast. Within six months of following Chandler’s advice, she went from unpublished author to making $3-$4K per month from her books. 

In this episode, I ask Chandler why Lise Cartwright became successful under his program and why it has a high success rate. For people interested in receiving free training from Chandler, you can start watching the free video series he set up for you.


Watch Chandler’s free video series 


Don’t put this video series or episode off for next time. Chandler’s insights have literally changed the way I view self-publishing and success in general. More importantly, Chandler’s advice has allowed me to get better results from my self-publishing efforts and expand my brand. 

Don’t think you’re too busy to write a book. Chandler published his first book as a sophomore in college. He then proceeded to drop out and make a 7-figure income by writing bestselling books and teaching people how to do the same.


Links from show: —Chandler’s post on finding profitable book ideas —Chandler’s post on how to publish a book

Published: The Proven Path From Blank Page To Published Author - Chandler’s Latest book. We talk about it in the interview - Transcription service

Dragon Dictation - Transcription service

Ryan Holiday's Thought Catalog Article - An article I reference in this episode

Feb 6, 2017

Richard Rieman used his experience as an NBC broadcaster to narrate audiobooks as an Audible Approved Narrator. In this episode of Breakthrough Success, we talk about the Audiobook Revolution that’s taking over the consumer space.

Richard discusses how to narrate an audiobook and get your audiobook published in the ACX marketplace. He also shares some insights on how to rank your audiobooks higher on Amazon. 

Richard believes that the biggest challenge of any small business is finding the clients. He addresses this challenge by promoting his services online, and get this, attends one networking event every week. He says that attending and speaking at these events seals him most of the clients he gets.

This one search I conducted reveals the massive advantage audiobooks gives you. I searched “social media marketing” on the Amazon Kindle store and got a total of 6,429 books. The first few pages are filled with books with 100+ reviews.

Audiobooks presents a very different story. On Audible (Amazon’s website for audiobooks), I searched the same keyword phrase and got a total of 105 results. Very few of these books have 100+ reviews let alone 50+ reviews. Audiobook reading is also increasing, and with fewer audiobooks available than eBooks, the audiobook revolution makes sense.

To capitalize on this audiobook revolution, listen to the interview I had with Richard Rieman. I just learned about this revolution a few weeks ago. Richard has been living this audiobook revolution for quite a while now. 

If you want more episodes like this one, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher:


Key Links from the Show: - Amazon’s Audiobook Creation Exchange - Richard’s Book - Meet different people in industries - Voiceover Atlanta - Audiobook promotion and review site - Audiobook promotion and review site - Richard’s website - Richard’s email


Feb 1, 2017

David Jenyns is the founder of Melbourne SEO services and the author of Authority Content. David helps business owners get their marketing messages heard. 


I first came across David’s work during my Christmas shopping bonanza (I ended up with 20 books). His book’s description grabbed me from the start, I did some more research, and I knew that I needed to have David on the show. 



Key Links from the Show: — David’s website — David’s book — David’s SEO services company -- A powerful SEO tool David mentions in this episode -- Another powerful SEO tool David shares with us - Google SEO Guidelines







—How to write content that grabs people’s attention and leads to more traffic


—The elements of authority content


—How you can increase your revenue with the help of authority content


—What people get wrong with creating authority content


—How to master any skill

Jan 25, 2017

When a corporate rockstar turns into an entrepreneurial coach with more than an 80% success rate with his mastermind groups, you need that guy on your podcast. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I first came across Ellory Wells. 


Ellory was the exact person I needed to talk to because I’m currently a part of a mastermind group and am considering creating a mastermind group. With all of this in mind, I asked Ellory some questions that focused on what it takes to run a successful mastermind group. Our interview also took an angle towards fighting self-doubt which is natural but still evil.



Key Links From This Episode: — Ellory’s book — Ellory’s website —Jack Canfield’s book gets mentioned in this episode — Ellory’s mastermind guide 





—How to run a successful mastermind group


—How to get the best out of people


—How to avoid self-doubt


—How to transition from the corporate world into an entrepreneurial sensation

Jan 18, 2017

Adam Houge is an author and a beacon of hope for self-published authors. The status quo view of self-publishing is that it’s hard to make money and sell books. Adam proved both of this myths wrong by selling 2 million of his self-published book.


Adam’s initial motivation wasn’t to make money. He was more focused on spreading his valuable content and getting his books into the hands of as many readers as possible. He wrote a religious book in the midsts of a series of medical bills and retirement from his day job. This is the book he wanted to spread. After writing 100+ books (not a typo), he’s now done just that—spread his message. In this episode, he discusses how he found the time to write 100+ books. 


Adam also talked about overcoming the 30 day drop off in sales after your book gets published. He doesn’t just get sales in the short-term. His books continue generating sales years after they were published. We also talk about keywords and categories, Amazon’s SEO.


Adam treats us to a mini course on all things Kindle marketing. If you’ve got Kindle books that you want to promote, listening to this interview will greatly help you with your efforts.


As always, our guest shares his favorite inspirational quote, and much, much more.



Key Links from the Show - Adam’s Training Course for Authors - Adam’s Personal Site




- How to keep sales up on Amazon Kindle

- Why Keywords and Categories are so very important

- How to make your book reach the right people

- Adam’s best learned career lesson

- What most authors get wrong when first publishing

- Adam’s favorite inspirational quote

Jan 11, 2017

Aaron is an online writer, contributor, publisher and guest blogger. I first learned about Aaron in a funny but awesome way. Aaron was looking for teens to feature in a SUCCESS Magazine article. My friend Ulyses Osuna tagged me and I learned about the opportunity. I submitted my story in a powerful way, Aaron and I got to talk a while afterward, and the rest is history. He’s now the latest guest on my Breakthrough Success Podcast.


Aaron has written for some of the most prominent websites such as The Huffington Post, Mashable, Business Insider, SUCCESS, and many more. Like any entrepreneur, Aaron had his low point which he discusses in the episode. He then developed a love for blogging, and guest blogging in particular. This love for guest blogging got him on those prominent websites I mentioned earlier. He talks about how you can land your content on those websites too. 


While this story sounds glorious, Aaron has faced rejection after rejection. In fact, his tagline is “Let’s Get Rejected.” He occasionally posts on Facebook about how his article got rejected on many websites, but then one website took his idea (and most of his articles end up raking up some SERIOUS engagement).


Key Links from the Show: - Aaron’s website - Aaron’s CopyBlogger page - One of Aaron’s go-to tools - You can use this tool to analyze trends. In this interview, you’ll discover why Google Trends can literally transform your content brand. - Aaron's guest posting course. Take it if you want to learn Aaron's big secrets on web domination.



- Why the snowball effect is important but doesn’t ensure anything

- The right way to build relationships with editors

- 3 mistakes people commonly make with submissions

- Aaron’s advice for having a breakthrough

- How to write content that gets approved

Jan 4, 2017

I've known Joe Parys for a while, so I was delighted when I learned he agreed to be a guest on my podcast.

Joe and I created two Udemy courses together and have been interacting with each other ever since. I've viewed him as a mentor on Udemy and I've asked him questions throughout my journey on that platform.

For anyone curious (and eager to get a big discount), these are the two courses we created together




Now I have him on my podcast to discuss how he made a six figure income on Udemy in 2016. While this alone is impressive, the cool part is how he achieved this goal.

On January 1, 2016, Joe declared his goal to make six figures selling his courses by the end of the year. Before that, he barely made $10,000 from his courses and had no idea how he would make six figures.

We talk about how he made his big transformation in this episode just in time for the excitement of a New Year. People set New Year's resolutions all of the time. Joe talks about how to accomplish them even if you don't know what you're doing quite yet.

But Joe has some other insights up his sleeve in this episode. We talk about some of the tactics he used to get more sales for his courses and expand his Udemy student base.

At the end of 2016, Joe was rapidly approaching 200,000 students throughout his courses. That's not bad for someone who only had 22,000 students just 366 days ago (2016 was a Leap Year. Remember that? I didn't).


Key Links From The Show: - Joe's official website. - The site Joe publishes his training courses on - Joe's Udemy profile



- How to optimize your descriptions to boost sales

- How to increase student engagement in your online courses

- The pros and cons of using a site like Udemy VS hosting your courses

- How to accomplish your New Year's resolutions (for real)


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Dec 28, 2016

In our latest episode, I am joined by Tom Corson-Knowles, an entrepreneur, publisher, and author of 20 bestselling books. Listen in as we discuss his career, and as Tom drops some super valuable information on success as a writer.


Tom had a different dream than his classmates, and wanted to be successful for his quality of life and to make a change in the world...rather than working crazy hours at a Wall Street cubicle. He had a clear vision and set his sights on it.


Tom talks us through his start and how he became a bestselling author. Tom discusses how we should model our way to success and wants us to avoid a devastating mistake most people make when they publish their first book.


Wondering how to get people to buy your books? Tom goes deep into this question within the episode. You’ll also hear about “thinking time” and many other lessons that will help you become a more successful author and entrepreneur.


Key Links from The Show:  - Tom’s Publishing Company’s Site - a free Video tutorial on publishing - Tom’s Podcast




- Tom’s 3 Keys of Authorship

- How to run a business and still have time to write

- Tom’s best lesson learned during his career

- To model success on those who you consider successful

- How and why to create a great team around you

Dec 6, 2016

On today’s episode, Ramon Ray and I discuss hosting a successful event. As someone who constantly wants to bring people together, Ramon has made a truly interesting career out of hosting events, that is if he isn’t speaking at an event or running Smart Hustle Magazine. 


Starting from the ground up, Ramon grew the size of his events depending on what he saw was appropriate, and has made good on his decisions when planning for each event. He takes us through what he considers the “5 broad buckets” of planning to host an event, and what he thinks is a strong marketing plan. 


We chat about the ups and downs Ramon has faced, and he explains that he even still goes through this process today, and what it is that he does to stay motivated and creative during those bad times. We are fortunate to hear an interesting and comprehensive insight into the world of events. 


Listen in to hear why Ramon compares planning events to having a baby, and the best lessons he learned during his career.



Key Links from the show: - Ramon’s Personal Site - Ramon’s magazine



- Ramon’s advice for breaking through

- Ramon’s tips for putting on an event on a shoestring budget

- How to get good speakers at your event

- Why planning and building in time to market is key

- Ramon’s inspirational quote


Nov 30, 2016

Seth Godin has been my role model since the very early stages of my entrepreneurial journey. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to interview him for my podcast. 


In case you don’t know him, he’s a 18-time bestselling author (Purple Cow and The Dip being my two favorites…it’s too hard to even think about ranking them though) who founded many great companies like Yoyodyne and Squidoo. I came across Seth’s content during my Squidoo days, and during my time on Squidoo, I learned a lot of what I know now. I attribute my time on Squidoo as a critical phase of my journey.


Seth has been an entrepreneur for 40 years. While he’s an entrepreneurial superstar now, he didn’t have that status early in his career. His books were rejected 800 times, and through this rejection, he learned that enthusiasm over criticism is a must. Seth talks about that, why it’s important to look at what you can offer the world, how you can help solve problems, and much more.


And his inspirational quote is quite fascinating. That will be revealed in the episode.



Key Links from the Show: - Seth’s mentioned blog post - Seth’s recent Book - Seth’s Blog Posts



- 3 Tips for marketing yourself and your products better

- Seth’s thoughts on achieving a breakthrough

- Why it’s important to watch people

- To not rush or expect everything at one

- Why “90% of success is showing up”

Nov 23, 2016

On today’s show, I chat with Rob Cubbon, a successful Amazon author, personal development guru, and entrepreneur. From being stuck in an office job in 2006, Rob now enjoys a happy, enjoyable lifestyle. In this episode, he takes us through how he got from the past to present day. 

Rob joins Marc to discuss his unique take on business, and why he strives to make his life as interesting and enjoyable as possible, while growing his personal brand. 

A key component of Rob’s life is to enjoy things, and enjoy the present moment, as much as being engrossed by goals and targets.

Rob takes personal branding seriously, and shares with us why he finds it just so important and key to his success. Listen in to hear about Rob’s unique journey, and as always, our guest’s favorite quote!


Important links from the show: - Rob’s Website -  Rob’s free courses - Rob’s free eBooks



—Why growing an email list is so key to growth

—The importance of personal branding

—Advice for budding entrepreneurs 

—3 Tips for transitioning from being employed to leaving and working on your own project

—Rob’s favorite inspirational quote

Nov 9, 2016

On today’s episode, we are joined by Aaron Walker, a successful entrepreneur focused on personal development. From turning over stores, getting bought out by Fortune 500 Companies, and delving into construction, Aaron has led a career of variety before deciding to give back to others. Listen in to hear why he decided to give back.


Aaron and Marc sit down to discuss the interesting and insightful journey Aaron has taken in his career (and his retirement!). Starting out small, and growing businesses to giant proportions, Aaron quickly moved from a humble starting point to one sought after by the biggest companies, but quickly became bored. Aaron talks us through the moves he made after that to feel like he lives his life with purpose and to do what he didn’t know he could so well: help others. After an unfortunate turn of events, Aaron was left to reconsider life and what it offered him, or more importantly others. 


We are lucky to gain insight into the thoughtful, creative mind of Aaron as he strives to pass on his skills and knowledge to those that might need it most. We hear how and why Aaron loves helping others become great, and why he always strives to go over and above, always more than the minimum. As a truly selfless individual, Aaron is a stand-out role model, and we are blessed to be able to understand how he came to be in this position.


As always we are treated to our guest’s favorite quote, along with a free gift left for the listeners.


Key Links from the show: - Aaron’s website -Aaron’s free gift he mentioned in the episode - Aaron’s twitter handle



- Why delaying personal gratification for the advancement of others is important

- Why building relationships intentionally is key

- Aaron’s advice for trying to breakthrough

- Why it’s important to spend 10% of your income on personal development

- Why meeting peoples’ needs rather than making sales is crucial

Nov 2, 2016

On today’s show, I interview 4-time best selling author and super successful entrepreneur: Mike Michalowicz. As someone who was stuck in a job he hated, and a life that didn’t quite work him, Mike strived to change his outcome. He suddenly left his job and pursued the path of entrepreneurship. With all that knowledge garnered over years of hard work, Mike gifts us serious nuggets of brilliant insight and information throughout the episode.

Listen in to hear Mike talk about his journey, driven in large part by fear. He went from knocking on people’s doors to selling his multi-million dollar businesses to Fortune-500 companies and the like. We follow on from that listening to how even the greatest rises to success can be filled with failure and why even after having that great initial success, lifetime success is not guaranteed.

We are fortunate to be given insight into the ups and downs of Mike’s business and how it’s come to be. After we explore those ups and downs, we then hone in on finding the next wave of consumer demand. Mike goes into greater detail about that in his book Surge

There’s references to his other books for any Mike Michalowicz fans. Mike’s high school nickname is also mentioned for any uber fans of this successful entrepreneur. 

I’ve known Mike for a long time during my entrepreneurial journey. I have heard him speak multiple times and gotten to know him very well. It was a pleasure to have him on the show.


Important Links from the show: - Mike’s Personal Site — All of Mike’s books (including Surge)



- Mike’s advice for breakthrough entrepreneurs

- Mike’s favorite inspirational quote

- Why you should prioritize action over information

- 3 tips for spotting the next big wave in consumer demand

Oct 26, 2016


On today’s episode, Marc is joined by former studio executive, and writing instructor at NBC: Jen Grisanti. Having spent years working in the entertainment industry under some of the best names in the business, Jen transitioned to running her own consultancy to pass her knowledge on to others. Jen chats to Marc about how it all happened.


Listen in to hear Jen discuss why it wasn’t as straight forward as just being able to deliver knowledge to a new audience, and the fear that came along with the new territory. Learning valuable lessons every step of the way, including having to reinvent her methods of delivery, Jen talks us through her journey to successful public speaking and instruction. 


Jen quickly saw the void that her skills could fill, and worked hard to provide her unique services to those who could benefit from them the most. We are fortunate to hear valuable advice and tips, from everything including why mental preparation is key, to tips for getting more speaking gigs and even how to find your breakthrough. 


Join us in Marc’s latest episode.


Important links from the show: - Jen’s Personal Site - Jerry Weissman Books - Brian Solis Books - Garr Reynolds - Presentation Zen Books



- 3 tips for getting more speaking gigs

- Advice for breaking through

- Jen’s favorite inspirational quote

- Why preparation is so important


Oct 12, 2016

Lifestyle entrepreneur Matt Inglot is driven by his freedom to run his life as he wants. He built a business from the ground up and is now successfully pulling in $20K plus clients, while having the freedom to work on his own terms. 

Matt offers up great advice from breakthrough to scoring high paying and quality clients, and why he feels autonomy is so key to the success of his business.

Matt tells us how he bit the bullet and started again, having already run a successful business, except this time he made sure he knew what he wanted. Now, working from the comfort of his own home, Matt takes time to speak to Marc, and explain his views on how a business should be run. 

Key Links from the show: - Matt’s Site - Matt’s Podcast



- To use your skills for success in business

- Why autonomy can be crucial 

- Understanding a goal and having a clear vision

- 3 Tips for scoring high paying and high quality clients

- To take charge of your role to the client

- Matt’s advice for breaking through

- To always be working on your business

Oct 5, 2016

Join us on Episode 10 of the show, as Lise delivers some valuable insights on how to achieve success in the Kindle Marketplace FAST. 

Lise is an established Kindle Author, having published over 20 books, and turning over $3-4K in her first 6 months alone. 

We discuss why it’s so great and also so important to do something you love, and how to be successful at it. Lise makes sure that people are aware that her intentions and motivations are to help people, and she is making a living from it. You’ll learn why it’s important to diversify your income and how to leave the jobs you didn’t want to do in the past, having a clear, motivated idea of what to do going forward.

Today’s show is really an inspiring lesson of why it’s important to be genuine, how to offer your value in a big way, and to really just enjoy what you are doing. 

To learn how to get a strong start in the Kindle Marketplace, you won’t want to miss this episode!


Links from show: - Lise’s side hustle training - Lise’s Personal Site - Steve’s Personal Site



- How to keep a strong discipline

- How to be motivated

- To enjoy what you’re doing and do what you enjoy

- How to build a strong readership/list of readers

- Why cross promotion is important

- Lise’s advice for people trying to breakthrough

- Lise’s tips for driving kindle publishing sales

Sep 28, 2016

Today Marc is joined by Tom Morkes, the CEO of Insurgent Publishing. Tom started exclusively providing free content for his audience and used that relationship to successfully launch his products and the products of others. Tom has helped launch products such as Hustle by Neil Patel and Patrick Vlaskovits, The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris, and a whole lot more.

Marc and Tom sit down to hear Tom’s journey, driven by the idea that he wanted to do creative work and not be dependent on anyone. Traveling freely with a full-time income from digital products struck a cord with Tom.

Starting with a simple eBook, Tom made sure he created something of value, and through referral, grew his business exponentially. We are lucky to have Tom share some of his best insights and motivations with us. Listen in to figure out how to crush it with your next launch.


Key Links from the Show: - Personal Site - Free courses - Tom’s company



- To weigh the upsides vs. the downsides of a venture

- to develop a skill set to make your company peerless

- Tom’s advice from breaking through

- 3 tips for product creation and launches

- Why recruiting affiliates is so important

- To always validate/beta test a product


Sep 21, 2016

On today’s episode, Marc is joined by Patrick McGinnis, venture capitalist and private equity investor. He is the author of “The 10% Entrepreneur” which is based on his ability to generate an income from a typical job and his entrepreneurial business at the same time.

Patrick joins Marc to discuss how he’s built a diverse portfolio of investments outside of his day job, and takes the time really go in deep about how and why he got there. Listen in to hear why the 2008 financial crisis was a bit of wake up call for Patrick, and in doing so, how he found pathways to more interesting and fun ventures. We’re fortunate to learn from Patrick’s experience, from his first steps all the way to his current investments. Find out why the “elevator pitch” is so important, and how to market a product that doesn’t even exist yet. 

We even hear a story of a journey across South America that lead Patrick to his favorite inspirational quote. Tune in to find out how you too can be a 10% Entrepreneur.



- The Elevator Pitch

- How to market a product that doesn’t exist

- Patrick’s 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs

- Why building a team is so important

- To use your 10% to do many different things

- Recommendations for creating a great pitch

- Patrick’s advice for breaking through


Key Links from the Show: - Patrick’s Personal Site - Patrick’s Twitter - Patrick’s Facebook 


Sep 14, 2016

Today, we are joined today by Gina Horkey, a freelancer who has broken away from the constraints of a typical day job to work for herself very successfully. Gina joins Marc to talk about the journey from a career in personal finance to going solo, all while raising her two kids at the same time.

Gina and Marc discuss all manner of topics relating to her journey. Listen in to find out how Gina started out her freelance writing at 5 cents per word and has scaled it up to 50 cents per word, and thousands a month in revenue. We discover Gina’s determination to succeed, and her motivation to provide for her family. 

In this episode, Gina discussed how to find and pitch to clients and how she hires and pays her own employees, Gina shares such valuable information for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, who are trying to find their own breakthrough. Tune in to get the low down on all things freelance.


Key Links from the Show: - Gina’s Website and Blog -  Useful web tool for email subscribers -Gina’s Twitter



- Hire help before you are ready

- How to use your niche to your advantage

- Spend 90% of your time finding clients

- Gina’s advice for entrepreneurs

- Gina’s 3 tips for freelancers

Sep 7, 2016

Today on Breakthrough Success, we are joined by Steve Scott, a highly successful Amazon Kindle Author. Steve generates six figures a year through his Kindle business. Having published over 60 books, and having a diverse publishing platform including audio books and podcasts, Steve has taken a little time out of his busy life to chat with Marc and share some great info.

Tune in to hear Steve and Marc discuss the world of Kindle Publishing, how Steve got started, and what it is that drives him to succeed. 

We’re lucky to gather such useful pieces of advice, covering everything from motivation, all the way to the most critical part of building an online empire. Steve divulges his top tips for successful publishing along with great general advice for any budding entrepreneur.

Listen in to find out why your “80/20” approach is so significant, and why fear is still a driving force for Steve. 



- How to take daily action for your own benefit

- Why it is important to always stay hungry for more success

- Why it’s important to constantly reinvent yourself

- That failing 9/10 times is ok

- To make yourself fully accountable

- Why building email lists are so key to business

- Steve’s 3 key tips for writers


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Sep 1, 2016

Our host Marc is joined by Jeet Banerjee, to talk about his very hands on approach in business. Jeet, originally a teenage entrepreneur, founder of Statfuse and JB Media Force, takes time to go through his ideas in the business world and his success to date.

Listen in to hear Jeet tell us about progressing from a teenager working for pocket money in a situation where he had no creative freedom or control, to finding a gap in the web design market and building his first company, before selling. Jeet talks about his hands-on approach to work, and why his motto of “Launch fast and fail fast” is so important to his success. Marc asks the questions you want the answers to, and covers everything from motivation to validation, with advice for all. Join us to find out what Jeet means by “Nail it, and then scale it”, and as always, hear our guest’s favorite inspirational quote. 



- How being an entrepreneur can give you control and creative freedom

- Why setting bigger goals is important

- Why hiring a quality team with the same vision is key to progress

- How to be motivated by small successes

- Why “You only need to get it right once”

- Jeet’s advice for trying to breakthrough

- Jeet’s 3 key tips for growing a business


Key Links from the Show: - Jeet’s Business - Jeet’s Personal Site

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